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Mead with raw honey strained 19 % moisture local beekeeper

Hi , I picked up some raw honey from a starting out bee keeper. The honey was strained and is raw. The bee keeper mentioned moisture was 19% a tad higher than he would like. But since i will be adding water to it for a mead i would give it a try. Should I pasteurize it first ? If so, what is the recommended pasteurization temp and time for raw honey?

I’m not a mead peep, but pasteurizing I thought was done about 158*. A little more looking on line will help you to git yer final answer… Sneezles61

Thank you for the reply…I have been looking around the net about pasteurizing honey and I have decided I may be better off adding sulfite (Kmeta) to the honey must prior to adding the yeast.

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For snuffing out any of the wild critters not wanted in yer mead

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