Mead question

I have a mead that I brewred up a few weeks ago. It has been bubbling away steadily since Jan 8th. I missed my original gravity thru a combination of factors…I used a little bit too much water and I think my 18lbs of honey was a little short so I ended up with almost 7 gallons of 1.088 OG must.

I used the Wyeast sweet mead yeast for fermentation and am worried that is going to leave me too sweet at the end. I plan on racking this onto some blackberries over the weekend and considered adding in a couple of lbs of honey to help boost it back up to where I expected it to be in the first place (around 1.100). Is it too late to introduce more honey at this point? Should I just leave it like it is and put it on top of the blackberries for a while for it to finish out?

Also when I rack over would it be ok to add another dryer finishing yeast to burn thru the rest of the sugar and then I can backsweeten as needed when I am ready to bottle or keg? What would be a good yeast to use if I go that route? I am wanting a semi-sweet mead and I am thinking the best way to achieve that is to dry it out and then sweeten it back up afterwards.

Last question is about fermentation temps. I let it go for about a week at room temp and then put it into my fermentation fridge at about 62 to 65 degrees. Does this sound acceptable? Should I go higher or lower?

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Are you doing staggered nutrient feedings? Meads can take a while to finish out and need nutrients.

I haven’t been but I can start. It is still bubbling away and smells pretty good so far.

Do you think its too late at this point and not worth the trouble to add a little more honey and maybe even a more attenuative yeast to help get it closer to 1.000 so I can backsweeten later?

Its not going to hurt anything if you want to add more honey or pitch more yeast. But, your pitching into a pretty hostile enviorment. Nothing wrong with letting it finish as is.