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Mead in Secondary: top off?

Racked 3 gal of NB Orange blossom mead to secondary tonight.
SG dropped from 1.114 to 1.010. 3 gal carboy is up to the top line, just above the shoulder where the carboy begins to narrow. Wondering if I should top it off to just below the neck.
Should I simply add purified water from my refrigerator?
Or perhaps drop frozen raspberries down the neck until level is up?
Also wondering if I should add potassium sorbate to prevent drying out?
I used 71b-122 yeast. Airlock activity in primary had slowed to a glug a min or two. For the secondary I’m trying for the first time one of those vented silicone stoppers instead of an airlock.

Thanks, Dave

You could top off, but it certainly isn’t necessary. I routinely keep my meads in secondary (and even tertiary) vessels for more than a year with no issues. If you do top up, I do think it is best to use boiled and cooled water.

Keep all wines in secondary topped up. Boiled and cooled water is recommended or you can use a like wine if you have one on hand. I would not add the sorbate.

Thanks for replies. I topped it off and skipped the potassium sorbate. Hoping it doesn’t dry out much.

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