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Maybe a dumb yeast Starter question, but

OK, in the next few days I will be doing my FIRST yeast starter. Like a kid at Christmas I am quite excited taking yet one more step that should help my beer brewing.

I know how to make the starter, I will be letting it go about 2 days in my NEW 2000 mL flask on top of my home made stir plate, will cover it with tin foil sprayed with san star etc.

Anyway - here is my question though. When I go to cold crash it in the fridge (if I understand it right - for about 12 -24 hours then decant) is it ok to leave the tin foil on top? Or do I at that time need to replace that with an air lock? not for blow off but more for sanitation? Should I be worried about just leaving the tin foil on, maybe rubber banded?

I just don’t want to get bacteria etc but maybe it is not an issue.

You can just leave the foil in place. That’s what I do and it works fine.

Thanks. I hated to go to all that work then do something dumb and infect the beer. Yet that was the one thing I could not find clarification on with all the research, reading, and 2am Youtube viewings I have done over the last few days.

Same here, I do use a rubberband, just to keep from knocking it off if I grab a beer.

Same here, I do use a rubberband, just to keep from knocking it off if I grab a beer.[/quote]

Yep, same here.

your fine, if your not decanting you dont need to make it that far in advance. I usually go around 12 hours so the yeast is at high activity when pitching.

This is awesome that a “Dumb Yeast Starter Questions” thread is up and running because I just jumped on to start one!

I too will be making my first yeast starter Tonight for a Saturday morning brew day. My question: Is it crucial to control temperature for the starter? My house sits at around 78F right now and while I have recently solved my Fermentation temp problems with a Cool-Brew bag, I do not have ideal conditions to keep a yeast started at 65F.

Also, I am using yeast that I harvested so I have 4 one pint mason jars, each with about 0.25" of pure yeast settled out at the bottom. It is about 3 weeks old. Should I just use 1 jar of yeast or two? I have an American Wheat planned that is only going to have an OG of around 1.043. How much started wort & how much DME do I use for it?

To the OP, sorry to “thread jack” but this seemed like the right place to post & it seemed your questions was answered.

Thanks All!

starter temp for regular ale yeast is not as crucial as the whole 5g batch room temp will be fine.
for your pitching rates use

I’d say that if you’re not going to decant your starter, you need to take every precaution to make sure it’s as good as the wort you pour it into. That means no aeration and controlling the temps. However, yeast grows better with aeration and at higher temps than make good beer. That’s why I always decant starters. Your choice.

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