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May be silly question but I need an answer if possible

Everyone I use Beersmith 2.3 and I used to have a full set of NB recip that I had loaded one time and used for a good while. Somehow I screwed up my Beersmith software and lost the directory that held the Scottish 80 recipe. Would any of you old times have that directory file still loaded or know where I can snag it again. I seem to have all the other directories from NB from about three years ago. I can re-enter the ingredients for the Scottish 80 but want those other “lost” recipes. Any help will be appreciated.

Go to add ons. Click “add” and find the NB recipes, then Install Add Ons.

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My apologies. I now see the Scottish 80 isn’t in there. I’ll see if I still have it around…

I just recently deleted all the NB, BrewMonkey and a bunch of other contributor content I had to save space. Guess I shouldn’t have assumed they’d always be available to download again huh?

I found this by a quick web search, Expert Knowledge Base

and the all grain, Expert Knowledge Base

Thanks for the reply. I was looking for the whole directory that the Scottish 80 was in. I have the original information that came with the kit. Just trying to get any other brews that were contained in that directory I lost. Thanks for answering.

Thanks for replying. I have that info but I was trying to recover the directory that the Scottish 80 was originally placed in. I screwed up somehow and deleted that directory. There were other styles in there that I wanted to try. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for helping.

Ah ok…good luck with that…if you’d asked a week sooner…

Pretty sure, @gforce360 can help you out here. :wink:

Hey! It should have been in one of the original add-on packs that I sent to Beersmith years ago, but it may have been edited or changed since then.

I have attached it here:

Scottish80.bsmx (28.0 KB)

PS- I enabled Beersmith Recipe files as an allowed file extension for the forum.

@millerrl143 Here’s the whole file you were looking for:

British Recipe Pack.bsmx (1.1 MB)

Thanks @gforce360 for allowing .bsmx uploads!

^^^^ Oh dear, I clicked on one of those red high lighted ones and now my computer when bonkers… :weary: I just can’t win… Sneezles61

I would never click on one unless I trusted the source. I also know my anti-virus software is quick to stop anything malicious.

That being said, you can trust these sources!

Its just computer stuff that beats me up… My Apple tells me if it doesn’t like something… Thats the easy part for me… I thought it would just “open up”… I’ve barely enough intelligence to do what I’m doing now… Sneezles61

These are Beer Smith recipe files. They should launch Beer Smith if you try to open them.

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