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Maximum CO2

Hello Everyone,

I just finished bottling NB’s Biere de Table kit at 3.0 volumes of CO2, which is the highest level I’ve carbed to date. This got me wondering: what is the upper limit for safely carbing in a bottle with standard caps?

Soda’s are in the 30 PSI range. so I don’t see how a beer bottle is that much different than the old pry top soda bottles.

Thanks - I didn’t realize that sodas were carbed that high.

So as a follow up question: when people worry about “bottle bombs,” is the concern centered more on the ability of the cap to stay in place or the integrity of the glass bottle? As luck would have it, I’ve never had to deal with that issue (knock on wood).

It’s usually the glass. I’ve had a couple of bombs. The first was a weakened Stone’s bombers that fractured where the bottom was. The other was a crack in the neck I created while bottling. I was new to the craft and didn’t think too much of it. Wound up with a closet full of beer and glass.

I’ve successfully carbonated in bottles up to 4.0vol. Roughly 8oz. of sugar in a 5 gallon batch. Be sure to inspect your bottles for cracks and don’t push down too hard when bottling with the wing cappers. If you crack a neck, pour the beer into a new bottle (through a filter) and don’t take the chance of a bomb.

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