Mashing temp calculator?

Hello I am just wondering which online mashing calculator is the most accurate?

I use this one all the time for consistency. I find accuracy becomes better with good notes. The first time I didn’t pre warm my mash tun. Had to add some boiling water to raise the mash temperature. Second time pre warmed the mash tun and had to add cold water to lower the mash in temperature.

I think I have it right now.

Brewing is the only true way to know. Have to learn YOUR system.

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Yes. When i started to brew. Took me 1/2year to fine tune. The brew system. How much boil off took lots of notes. Become fam with brew software. Still now. I use paper and calculator. Once done check with the software. This is what beer brewing makes fun

I have an app on my phone Homebrew calculators very simple app no advertising and free. I use it all the time never missed a temperature. Like all things brewing it’s about accurate volume measuring

I use the one in Beersmith2. It’s fairly accurate if you build your equipment profile correctly. It’s all trial and error for the most part though.

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