Mash tun build cooler question

I picked up this one

at my LHBS and it is for 3/8" tubing.


[quote=“Radagast”]I picked up this one

at my LHBS and it is for 3/8" tubing.


Looks exactly like mine.

Another dumb question: ID of the drain. I see on dennybrew a 3/8" ID is suggested for the drain. Is there any reason for this or has anyone tried larger ID tubing? My thoughts are a larger ID tubing would allow faster draining which would increase the chance of channeling. Thoughts?

I had a ten gallon round cooler, when we did a big brew with lots of malt, we got a stuck sparge. I now have a keg laying on its side, and all my hoses are 1/2" ID… It all is working fine…. and I do like batch sparging now rather than fly…. Thank you Denny. Sneezles61

If you batch sparge, there is no channeling. I’ve tried larger tubing and it made no significant difference.

I have both a round and a rectangular cooler, and the round one is easier to stir. Other than that, there are more important considerations, including the location of the valve out (some of those square coolers have a good 1.5" of deadspace) and thickness.