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Mash recirculation during sacch rest

For those of you with pumps, do you recirculate your mash during the rest period at all, or do you truly let it rest. I stood in on a brew session at a small brewpub here is ks, and he does a 60 min saccharification rest and then does a 30 minute recirculation, and then a 45 min sparge. I asked why he didn’t incorporated the recirculation into the last half of the saccharification rest and his response was that the mash should be left undisturbed during the sacch rest. It didn’t make sense to me.

Any thoughts?

Oh, and I ask this in exception of rims or herms, step mashing, etc

I rest rest at the start of the mash for 15-30 minutes, then recirc for the rest of the rest.

Yeah, I thought I had heard of people doing this. It doesn’t make sense to me that the mash needs to actually “rest.”

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