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Mash-Out 2014 Filling Up Fast

The Mash-Out turns 13 this year. Yes, that’s right it’s become a snotty teenager hellbent on making Miley Cyrus look like Mitt Romney. It’s getting a tattoo, a piercing on its junk, and listening to music you just wouldn’t understand. Jeez get a clue, people!

Right now, we’re close to 3/4 full, so get pull yourself out of your new year’s coma and sign up now before it’s too late to enter one the nations’s largest, most competitive homebrew competitions.

More info:

Deadline is 1/17 and entries are capped at 1000.

And no, Mash-Out won’t be taking out the trash. It’s too busy texting pictures of that piercing, which may be infected.

We’ll need judges too. We’ve had to turn away volunteers the last few years, so sign up early.

Steve Fletty
Mash-Out Co-founder

With a week til the deadline, we’re less than 100 entries from the cap.

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