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Maris otter recipes

Just picked up a sack of maris otter and was looking to you all for your best maris otter recipes. I was thinking about doing a barleywine and a winter warmer/christmas ale

Me do ales and ipa. With maris otter. Did a ipa. Tuesday. 10 lbs marisotter 2 lbs pilsner 1 lbs biscuit. 30 min simcoe 1oz. 15 min 1oz. Cetennial. 10min cetennial 1oz. 5 min cetennial 1oz. At 15 min. Irish moss. 10 min yeast nutrient. Og 1.065. Planned fg 1.010. Boil 7.5 gal. Batch 5.5 gal. Dry hop. 10 days. 1oz. Cetennial. Did pitch. Hornidal kveik.

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We use 89% MO in our ESB. 5 gallon batch.

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My base for many brews is 50/50 Maris otter and 2 row or pilsner malt… Sneezles61


Which maltster do you guys use? My guy only had Thomas Fawcett

Fawcett is a good malting company. I pretty much just use MO for english and irish style beers. ESB, English ales, porters, stouts. I know some guys use it in IPAs. Haven’t tried that yet.

I do use. Bairds. For mo. Dingemans. For my pilsner. Bries for 2 row malt

You’ve got alot of the styles done with M.O. so time to try the IPA… mmmmmm beer. Sneezles61

This is the recipe for my Irish Red. The yeast is Wyeast 2112 (California Lager) but sometimes use 1084 (Irish Ale) or 1450 (Denny’s Favorite). The Maris Otter is from Crisp Malting.

I have done a barleywine with Maris Otter. It was good but, could have been great if I had added yeast when bottling. Very few carbonated properly.


It’s great in an Irish Red Ale. I’m also going to add it to more of my recipes in the future. I love the flavor of it!

I agree with many above using it in an British style ales which are generally more malt forward. My favorite is the ESB. I have used it in American style IPA but only to use it up. In my IPA I’m only looking for hoppy so really I don’t notice much difference using continental malts.

Thats more Biscuit Malt than I can take. I don’t know what it is with biscuit but I cannot find what balance it with to bring it to my liking. I prefer Special B.

I may try Biscuit Oats next time and try to kill to malts with one stone

Thanks guys! I’m going to start with an ESB and follow @WMNoob recipe. Not sure if my guy sells UK crystal malts or not though.

I also need to make some room. Quit drinking beer for a little over a month and I’m sitting on 35 gallons of beer and cider now.

Par-tay at yer house then!! Sneezles61

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