Maris otter for lager

Have any of you guys used Maris Otter to make a black lager? I find myself with about 30 lbs of MO about to go south if I don’t use it. I’m looking at sort of an extra hoppy schwartzbier but don’t really want the extra texture that MO gives. Any thoughts or experience with this? :?

Why don’t you just try it??
I’m serious…and not trying to be snarky.
No opinion from anyone here (including mine) matters more than what your own tastebuds will tell you. Trying it out is the only true way to answer the question.
FWIW, I’ve used Maris as a substitute in a variety of so called “styles” where it would not be normally indicated, and they all turned out to be delicious.
Go for it.
It may result in something brilliant.

I doubt that anyone would be able to tell what the base grain is in a extra hoppy black beer.

Thanks guys. I should’ve thought that way myself. I’ve got tons of unused hops and three or four 34/70 yeast packets I have to use so what’s to lose? I’ve got about a half pound of EKGs and fuggles. Maybe a nice porter with lager yeast. Heck, it worked the other way around with the guys in California a hundred years ago. Why not… :cheers: