March pump question

Getting ready to order my pumps.
Is there a difference between the different pumps? I see
NB sell an “815” and Morebeer sell a “815 high flow” and I
see chugger pumps and replacement wet side heads for
809 pumps, gaskets and such. I guess what I am asking is if I
get a pump from Morebeer and strip the fitting or otherwise
break the head, would a replacement head from NB fit it? If I
got a 815 from NB and wanted a SS head a year from now
from Morebeer…would that work? And what about this
whole chugger biz?

The 815 NB sells is a high flow design as well. I couldn’t find the 815 on Morebeers site, instead they list a 315HF. I don’t remember March Pumps offering a 315 model. But, the stats on NB’s 815 match the 315HF offered by Morebeer.

If you have questions about March pumps, you can talk to Walter from March here… ... ic=11158.0

I think the 815 is their new design and a little beefier than the 809. And yes I believe the pump heads are replaceable, you shouldn’t need to for quite awhile though. I think the magnets driving the head eventually wear out.

A lot of people are getting the 815 impeller and putting it in their 809’s to get better flow.

Chugger sells a SS head that fits a March pump, and of course they also sell a lower priced pump. I’ve read where they have had a lot of problems with their heads. I think they got it straightened out with their supplier. Thy also sell out frequently so you have to check on availability.

I’m probably going to go with March just because they’ve been around longer. March has their own set of issues but overall they seem to be well liked by brewers.

You can see a long thread on Chugger pumps at Homebrewtalk.

I’m among those who changed out his impeller on the March 809 with the 815 high flow impeller. The impeller is noticeably larger and the performance improvement was pretty noticeable as well. Cavitation was nearly eliminated and flow was increased. Definitely worth the $22.

Thats exactly what the 815HF is suppose to eliminate.

I say nearly eliminated it. I think it shut off once during recir when I bumped a hose. But in the previous brew, it was shutting down more than I ever remembered it doing.

Very good to know.

Do you have to drill out the hole for the impeller, or is that just if the fit is too tight?

And to get back to the OP’s question, does anyone have experience with a Chugger pump? I think the price range for their pump with SS head is about what a polysulphone March costs.

In my case, it was a direct swap with no modifications required.