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Maple syrup coffee beer recipes

Anyone have any good maple syrup stout/porter recipes where you can really taste the maple? My favorite beer is Mexican brunch and Sunday brunch by Kane. You can really taste the maple and it has amazing coffee flavor as well. Thanks!

I have not tried the beer you listed, so can’t say anything specific about cloning it. But I tap my own trees and have experimented with getting maple flavor into a brown ale (Caribou slobber base). Mashing with 7 G of maple sap → bumped up the OG by 10 points, but no maple flavor. Priming with maple syrup at bottling → no maple flavor. Both techniques plus 2 oz. maple extract → that worked, but it was more the artificial maple walnut icecream flavor. My research on it seems to indicate you need to add about 1 G of maple syrup to get any flavor. And that’s wicked expensive. My next experiment will be late spring when I tap my trees for this year.

Jim, try toasting some maple bark in the oven and adding it to secondary. A few ounces makes a noticeable difference in maple flavor. I’ve only done it a couple times so don’t have the best advice on how much to add and how much to toast it, but maybe something to try?

Excellent thought! For last years batch I did add some oak spirals and a little vanilla extract thinking that some of the ‘maple’ taste is actually that. Helped some, but toasted maple bark/wood sounds even better. Thanks!

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