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Mangrove Jack Bavarian Wheat

Used a package of this dry yeast in a Hefenweisen for the first time anyone use it before? Results? Normally use liquid and underpitch. This without thinking pitched the whole package. In hindsight should have pitched 1/2

I have not used it, but I know a lot of people really like it. Should give you good authentic hef flavors.

well the heff is in the keg but I dont have any yeast left for my next weissbier. I’m going to just pull some low gravity runnings from a beer Im brewing today then add some of the heff beer and build up some yeast. Interested to see how this yeast does from a build up flavor and ester wise. Been a while since I’ve built up from dregs


getting a bit of lemon not what i’ve gotton before from other yeast. quick internet search and others have said the same

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