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Mango habernero ipa

Did read a book. Electric ipa. Did see a mango habanero. Ipa. Any one ever did brew on like this. Me now done brewing the regatta beers. Next week start to keg the beers. So tuesday brew for my self again. Thinking about doing. This. It ask for 2.5 lbs mango puree. 5 min before the end. At flame out 32 oz. Orangic mango juice. Thinking about making fresh. Puree and juice monday. Evening. Any thoughts. ?

Brew this bc week keg next week . That’s quick

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Have never brewed with mango, but have used Habaneros before. I soak them in a little vodka to sanitize, and just keg on top of them. Be careful, it doesn’t take much to over power things, I think last time I only used 2-3 slices. Can always add more if it needs it.

I’ve done Mango/ Serrano pepper saison. Mango is very subtle I think you would be better juicing it.
I used an eye dropper with ml markings to figure out what my taste preferences was on a single beer for the pepper tincture then multiplied for 5 gallons

I’ve made Mead with mango and you need alot to taste it. Can’t really see it coming through in a habanero beer. That said it sounds nice so put a token amount in there so you can call it mango habanero. I often have beers that just put this or that in for marketing purposes

Pepper on mango is amazing. I put 5 large cans of diced mango in a recent brew and could not taste it over the pepper

Me did buy 4 lbs of mango. Gonna make mango puree. Add it 5 min before end. At flame out. 32oz fresh mango juice. Me did use jalepino peppers before. So gonna use. Habanero. Sliced. 5 min before end during secondary. Do taste sample see me happy with. Spicy taste. If not dry hop add more habenero pepper. Gonna brew monday just made fresh mango juice and mango puree. Now time for a brew

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just transfer my mango habanero. To secondary. For a light dryhop. Did taste sample. And grav check. Its at 1.020. Now. Taste wise. Light mango taste. And in the background. Taste of. Habanero. Did not want the mango to become to overwhelming.

That big red bucket is just a taste? :hugs:Sneezles61

Haha yes. Not a gracefull photo. I was ready to clean the floor in brew area

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