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I received a news letter from Swaen… Looks as though the barley harvest wasn’t so good… I wonder how that will affect us home brewers? Time to snag a couple bags…

Everything is going up. CO2 is up also. My co2 reclamation system is going to pay for my fermzilla quickly :grinning:

Higher protein levels in the malt. Will likely affect mashing. Step mashing might be better than infusion. Deny and Drew did a podcast on it recently. I think. I am sure the MBAA did a good one on it.

And more expensive i did notice. Pff even shipping stuff to the island. My order went up from 250.00 to 499 dollar

Yeah. Up @ 25% here last week for gas.

Need a refill on my serving gas very soon…

I thought malt suppliers have a large inventory of grain, like a years worth, to mitigate impact of grain harvest and blend. I could be wrong tho.

Second, if worried about cost of CO2, upgrade to a bigger tank. Upgrading from a 5 pounder dramatically decreased my CO2 cost. Payout period was over 2 years tho.

I have 2- 20 pounders… one for kegging procedures and the other for serving…

Well, I was cleaning/organizing stuff as I do a little remodel… I went to pick up my tub of “specialty” grains… Its quite heavy! Time to get creative and work at using them up… I’ll need to make time to go through what all I have…
My Vienna and Pils malts are getting low too… Next bag, I get two-row and brew with for a while…
Any one have a “just throw it in” style brew for this kinda situation?

be more specific on the malts. You probabably wont use to much up in german style beers but English ales you may be able to brew something. post your list we can play with it


10 lbs carahell
10 lbs belgian biscuit
6 lbs Xtra dark C
5 lbs choco malt
5 lbs flaked maize
5 lbs C? (mystery)
4 lbs rye
4 lbs choco wheat
3 lbs c40
And about half a bag each of Vienna and Pils…


how did you end up with that much crystal malt. The carahelles goes in your pilsner also any light lager. The flaked corn can go in a cream ale and pre pro but I’d get some 2-row for those although you could use the pilsner malt. The vienna malt and corn for a Mex lager. with the Biscuit id make your english ESB and with the biscuit and dark malts make a porter. Dont buy anymore specialty malts for awhile just maybe that sack of 2-row you can make almost anything realy. Might consider vacume packing in 1lb lots


I bought xtra dark crystal for an Irish red… The C40 is for a Sierra Nevada style pale ale…
I think a Tex Mex with corn will be good…
Cream ale with the carahell and biscuit… X-beerment will be fun…
Geez, I also have about a 5 gallon bucket full of wheat… Usually put in my IPA’s and APA’s…
12 gallons of apple juice too…
Well, I’ll be busy…

i never buy more than 2 or 3 lbs of specialty malts at a time. I rarely use more than a lb in a batch except maybe the British styles the German style doesnt get any. On a sad note my local shop is closing and going to focus on their brewery I suppose. I’ll go grab a couple full sacks before they close. I’ve been ordering online lately anyway since their attitude has kind of changed after they opened the brewer.

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That happened here as well, now there is no brewing supply shop within hours* of driving. Ironically their brewery went belly up within a year.

*probably hyperbole. It just feels like hours.

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i have to go talk to them. They apparently are loosing the lease. the Brewery is next door over so maybe they are loosing that lease as well. Maybe just moving the whole shebang. My other local went online only during the pandemic and I talked to them and they said its more lucrative not paying for a storefront

I buy my base malt from the brewery… they always have sacks of common malts… Then when I ask for something they don’t stock… they’ll order it… Specialties, I go to our host. We have an on-site wine making shop up north of us… I’ll stop in there for dry yeasts…
I haven’t played with wet yeast for so long…

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