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Malibu rum

Has anyone brewed with this flavoring before? Today I am brewing a NB extract kit IPA with greapfruit soaked in vodka and added in after three weeks of fermenting. I was thinking a little coconut would be a great addition to this. Only beer I have ever dumped I was messing with extract so I really don’t want much to do with extract. However a bottle of Malibu rum added at the 3 week time I am thinking would be great.

Try it in a glass first to see if u like it.

How big of a bottle were you thinking of adding? Pocket flask, or the whole handle?

Oh I don’t know. I assume I would need the whole 750 ml bottle to tast the coconut. I don’t know what will fit in a five gallon keg if I already have five gallons of beer. I am thinking I should get most of the bottle in there.

How big is your carboy. 5 gal? Would think the whole bottle. Would be to much. Just take small sample. And pour some malibu. See how it comes out. What you can try. Is soak some roasted coconut. In malibu. And put them in a muslin bag put thewhole thing in

I will give that a try thank you I will let you know how it turns out. I never thought about soaking coconut. That is what I have to do with the greapfruit after all. I will give it a try. The worst think that could happen is I will not be able to taste the cocnut over the greapfruit. Which would not be the worst thing in the world.

I did a spiced ale at the brewery. Did add toasted coconut. Soaked in rum. To the fermentor. Final result. Mild. Flavour of the coconut.

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