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Male Ultra

Alright, I have nursed an ultra plant through two miserably hot and dry summers, sacrificing a sterling each year alongside the ultra. This year the 3 year old ultra takes off like shot,the first year sterling makes modest growth. Low and behold, two weeks ago, i have burrs on the sterling main vine and lots of side arms but absolutely no burrs on the ultra. I’m afraid I’ve been nursing a male ultra! Any thoughts?

After trying my hand at many aroma varieties over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that they pretty much have certain environmental requirements they need before they’ll produce an acceptable harvest. The only varieties that do well at my place are Cascade, Chinook, Bullion and a few others that only give about 8 oz per plant (and that’s with letting about 10 shoots per plant climb). Give them 3 or 4 years before you decide to switch to another variety. It takes time!

If you have burrs on the female then you’d have what looks like grape seeds on the thought of male plant. Give it time.

I don’t think there is any such thing as a male Ultra plant. It may just be too hot in your area for it to set cones. AFAIK all cultivated hop plants are female and the only male plants are those kept at breeding facilities.

Some males do make it out there. I just got done pulling some male cones/seeds off of some of my Chelans. But I do have the proof proving that all you have to do is throw some male seeds and female flowers together and let them sit on the ground over the winter and you’ll have a boat-load of new plants.

Male and female on the same plant! Hops are wicked successful. :lol:

I got a male Crystal once.
Now I have a few mystery varieties popping up in odd and remote locations. :roll:

Have you tried the Mt Hood? They do pretty well for me.


Yeah, she has the ‘hybrid vigor’ and grows like a bad weed but very few cones. Just keep her around 'cuz she’s cute!

Nevermind! I just saw a couple of cones up high. I think that this is just a very heat sensitive variety. Thanks for the support.

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