Making/kegging soda

Greetings all. I’m thinking I will try to make some soda in one of my spare kegs. My wife likes diet cherry 7up and we can’t find it anywhere or it’s pricey. She uses it for mixed drinks and not really to drink straight. Plus I don’t want to haul it from the store.

Anyway, my thought was to use the lemon/lime ingredients used for soda stream machines and some cherry drops and just keg it.

Any advice or words of wisdom on recipe or procedure? I’m assuming I don’t need to heat it up for the syrup to dissolve…

I usually keep charged water on hand in my keg. I do set the CO2 around 15 psi’s… it takes about a week and a half to become well carbed…

No reason that shouldn’t work. What ‘cherry drops’ do you plan on using? Also, you’ll need to run the CO2 a bit higher.

They’re PurAqua black cherry drops. Very concentrated so I’d have to be careful with how much I use. I imagine I could not bother with the cherry and add as necessary after the fact. As I mentioned, my intent is for mixing purposes, so if it isn’t the greatest drinking straight, I’m ok with that.

You start looking at the cost of a soda stream, along with the co2 recharges and they get kind of expensive. I figure I might as well use spare kegs and save some money and hassle.

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Ok I recognize those water ‘enhancers.’ Yes very concentrated so go easy as you can always add. Does your wife always mix with the same alcohol? If so, you could add that upfront and just serve it premixed.
Although I’ve never priced the soda streams I can imagine the CO2 canisters would get pricey.

I thought a few years ago it was 40.00 for a quart size… but now I haven’t a clue what a 20 lb tank refill is… I recall 75.00…

Yep, always tequila. That’s a cool idea I hadn’t thought about, but might consider.

Let me jump onboard of this thread.

My wife likes unflavored seltzer with cranberry juice and Vodka. We have the same problem with the seltzer, its expensive and adds to the bulk stuff from the store.

I tried charging a keg of filtered tap water but found it difficult to get the fizz of the canned/bottled stuff and keeping it. Any thoughts or tips.

Another thought. It would be interesting to premix water, cran and vodka then carb it for premix drinks.

I think a using a carb stone would help diffuse the CO2 at those levels.
I’m not a big liquor guy but it would be cool to have a cocktail offering on tap and at the ready.

I took a look at those corny keg carb stone lids. Pretty cool and only $25 at Amazon. Won’t be till spring for one do lack of space here though.

The premix cocktails might be a mistake. She has me make up her vodka drinks because she can be a little heavy handed with the pour. I like plain seltzer on ice for a refresher though.