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Making Flaked Maize

In the tradition of being resourceful and using local ingredients I have decided to try my hand at useing an adjunct abundantly available here in Indiana to make a sort of standard house pre prohibition lager to use up a sack of six row…
I rarely use rice/corn/sugars in any of my beers and I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to make their own flaked maize, I have a barrel full of corn from feeding the squirrels all winter and instead of ordering the pre gelatinized stuff, Im wondering if I could run it through the mill and steam, or cereal mash with the cracked corn???
any suggestions?

Its real hard on a mill’s rollers but yes with several passes you could probably crush it. I have a Corona mill and those work great for grinding corn, thats what they’re made for. YOu could even make yourself a metate and grind it the old fashioned way with a rock. Actual flaked maize is run through some mondo rollers and I think this heats the corn and at least partially gelatinizes it.

A sack of corn meal is cheap and pre-processed.

Or just do a “cereal mash”.

+1, but it does need to get ground up first. I can’t get flaked maize here, so I use polenta if I want to add some corn to a mash, which does require the cereal mash routine. Or if you want something cheaper than polenta you could use grits :lol:

Thanks for the replies gentlemen, I have a Corona mill and Im going to try to crack it up real well running it a couple passes through the mill… I was also kicking around the idea of soaking the raw shelled corn first in a muslin bag- kind of like old distillers would do in a malting fashion to get the corn to “sprout” first and then kiln dry- sort of in the same manner that malting does to barley, thinking this may increase available sugars and make for easy extraction- - sounds like a homebrew experiment to me.

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