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Making a Tinctures?

Hello I am wounding how much of the spice’s that make’s Pumpkin spice I would be using this to make a Tincture. This is for a Pumpkin beer that I want to brew I figure this is the best way to add the spice.

For pumpkin spice, I would avoid tincture. Just add the powder directly to the kettle at the last 5 minutes or even flame-out.

If you add cinnamon (which is in pumpkin spice) to a tincture, there’s some protein that turns it into an unusable snot-like goo.

Oh, and the NB recipe calls for 1 tsp in 5 gallons. I thought that was about right, but many reviewers say less is better. It’s gonna be what you prefer, consider 1 tsp and go up or down depending on if you want the spice to be more gobsmacking or subtle…

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