Making a starter from the recipe kit LME

This a silly question, but here goes anyway. I have been brewing for a long time, and made dozens of starters. I have a couple of extract kits I’d like to brew over the holiday break, but I’m all out of DME, and its quite a haul to my closest home brew supply shop. Would I be able to swipe some of the LME out of the recipe kits to make starters without affecting my final product??

LME is just as good for making a starter as DME. LME is about 20% less fermentable than DME so you will need to use 20% extra by weight. The small amount you need will most likely not make a noticeable difference in ABV of the brew you swiped it from.

Thanks. I figured I’d be okay. I have the Black IPA, and the Bourbon Barrel Porter from Northern Brewer. Really looking forward to these!! Really want to make sure I don’t do something to mess them up.

I forgot to ask if you are harvesting your yeast from previous brews. It is a simple as sanitizing a quart Mason jar and pouring the leftovers from your carboy after racking. Each fermentation should yield enough yeast for four more brews. Then each of those brews will yield enough yeast for four more brews.

My wife bought me a new refrigerator, for the brew room, to get my yeast out of the kitchen.

No, I have Wyeast packs. I have harvested yeast quite a few times. I have my own fridge in the basement for my brewing experiments. My wife has bought me quite a few home brewing tools to keep me out of the kitchen!!

My wife only had a problem with all the yeast. She still likes me in the kitchen baking , braising, and frying.

Boy, not me. My wife hates me even walking through the kitchen!