Maibock not finishing

I made a Maibock 2 weeks ago. It’s having some trouble finishing. Current FG is 1.022. I suspect that maybe the yeast count was a little low even though there was a yeast starter. I am going to check it in a few days because it may still be fermenting. The current temp of the batch is 54F. Should I try to gently stir the yeast bed or perhaps add more yeast?

Warm it up more. Yeast strain? Recipe? Mash temperature?

Mash at 152° F
Wyeast 2124 Bohemian Lager Yeast. 48°–58° F.
I will warm it up to 65° F. Thanks :cheers:

Looks like a reasonable mash schedule and yeast. Yeah, probably just needs a little more time, and warmer temperatures will help. Keep it warm for a week if you still see activity, no sense in cooling it back down at this point until you’re certain that the yeast is totally 100% finished.