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Magnetic Blackboard Beer Menu

Some time ago, @sneezles61 got me thinking about magnetic labels for my keezer offerings. I liked the idea. The woman in my life, who actively supports my brewing habit, advocated blackboard paint. Also a good idea, although I’m not much of an artist with chalk. For easy viewing, I wanted something above the keezer, rather than on it.

The end result is a free standing magnetic chalkboard. For regular brews, I’ve printed labels on magnetic paper. For new, and less frequent brews, there’s chalk, and paper labels held with magnets glued to bottle caps. A couple light coats of spray polyurethane on the printed labels (but not the blackboard) makes them fairly moisture resistant.

I though I’d share in case it inspires others. Although I went with an all steel free standing design, it could be done with a wood framed steel sheet, freestanding or hanging, … whatever you like.


Darn good ideas.

Nice. Good lookin’ keezer. Did you make the tap handles?

Thanks guys. The tap handles came from Abbey Cat Brewing.


V N D !! very nicely done… Thats a great way to label your taps… Sneezles61

Very nice. Clean and professional looking.

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