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Lowering soil PH

I am planting some hops at the end of this month. I had my soil tested earlier this year and I think my PH is a little high. What I have read is that you want a PH between 6.5 to 7, and my PH is 7.7. I was wondering if anyone knows a simple way of lowering the PH of my soil. Any help would be great.


Adding organic matter annually to lower soil PH over time is the best method. But, soil acidifiers that utilize sulfer are available.

If you need it, here’s an organic option that I’ve used for blueberries in the past:

Pine needles and composted oak leaves are good amendments to help keep pH down over time. Peat moss works too.

Peat moss is what we use when planting blueberries (a very acid loving species). It acidifies the soil nicely.

Would putting chalk down lower the PH of the soil?


How about egg shells to lower the PH?

They’ve got lots of Calcium so it may go the other way. Just a ponderance . . .

It would take alot of egg shells, but it would raise soil ph.
If you are looking for a quick fix, look into using elemental sulfer as an acidifier. Otherwise, you the long term approach of adding organic matter over seasons is your best option.

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