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Low temperature 1335

Hey -quick question to see if anyone else has done this. I’m brewing Surly’s furious, and I pitched the yeast (1335) at a quite low temperature -62. Then, I lowered the temperature even further (l have a habit of fermenting at lower temperature than recommended for ales) down to 56 and let it climb back to 66 over the past couple days. Fermentation appears to be healthy for the past three days, but I just wanted to see if anyone else tried to ferment this at at low temp like this. I just don’t like the banana flavors in beer at all.

I’d stick within the recommended range specified by Wyeast. Temperature Range: 63-75° F

My personal preferance is the lower third of the recommended range. By staying within the lower third there shouldn’t be any banana flavors. You’d need to be near 75F or above to get those.

Brew on!!

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