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Lost my Kama Citra

Came time to tap the beer, no issue that I knew of. Poured a glass to checked co2. Second day had a glass did not check. The third day beer all over the floor and gone, NOT HAPPY. Some how cross thread the swivel nut to the tap and did not know it.SOB. Two glasses and 4.5 gal on the floor.

That’s terrible, something similar happened to me once. Not fun

You’re not a kegger off you haven’t had a poppet stick open, a faulty disconnect, etc that’s dumped 5gals of beautiful delicious beer. Just plain and simple. Welcome to brewing.


Sorry for your loss!

I walked into the brewhouse the other morning to find an overflowing coffee can drop bucket an an unknown amount of lager soaked into the carpet. Tap was dripping due to debris in the o-ring! :flushed::exploding_head:

Ordering another one kit.Trying it again and learn from the mistakes and not to be complacent. Thanks for the thoughts and the stories. It does help!

Sorry to hear you lost your brew. Mojo. Kama citra a nice tastefull beer. Pfff big mess to clean up

Thank goodness it was in the garage bar. The dried up stain on the concrete, the pond in the refrigerator / .keggerator.

Perhaps, when putting stuff together, only use a wrench to finalize the snug fit? Most, if not all threaded connections are made with fingers and you should be able to thread them a few full turns before they seat/mate tight…


I caught a leak like that before it got out of control. Don’t know how much but it ran out of the kegorator onto a hardwood floor. My wife saw it before I could clean it up and it has been moved since then. :grimacing:

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Ouch. I hate to hear that. Best medicine for that is to brew another batch soon.
Only happened once to me so far…but once was enough. A whole keg of cream ale pooling at the bottom of the freezer. Now I check on that kegerator all the time, especially after a party where cobra tap noobs have been pouring their own.

Ordered a Karma and a Red Ale also. That is my first and I hope my last. My plan is to check periodically. Just washed the keg and an empty one. I left it under pressure until I can get to it.

Thats a good plan. I leave mine pressurized until ready to refill. Then i clean and purge them. If they have lost pressure i treat them as suspect and give them an extra thorough inspection

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