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Lost cause?

I was brewing a one-gallon batch in a carboy. Used a blow-off tube that led into a water-filled second carboy. I had so much blowoff the tube actually clogged. I figured I had lost all my yeast, so I ended up pouring it out (ouch!). Was I too hasty?

Yeah their was still plenty of yeast in the carboy to finish the job.

I’m pretty sure there’s a Big Mouth Bubbler under the tree, so hopefully I won’t have this problem in the future.

RDWHAHB…. Sneezles61

Don’t dump! Taste, then think about dumping. Then let it go a while. Many a crappy homebrew has aged into a much better beer after a while.

I’d something takes like vomit, maybe dump it. Otherwise, give it some time. You’d be amazed how time helps flawed beers.


Well, now I know. Thanks for the advice, all.
By the way, that’s why I’m brewing one-gallon batches until I figure it out. At least this way I’m not making five gallons of crappy beer!

Are you doing any temp control? “Room temp” is kind of bad news. 70 degrees in your kitchen will mean blowoff and some off flavors. Low 60s in a cool part of your basement is probably better. Trawl this forum for tons of info, and ask away for advice… we love to help (enable?) New folk to the hobby.

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I live in Florida, so no basement. Brewing in an upstairs (air-conditioned) bathtub. Not sure how I could consistently maintain 60s. Cooler?

Search for “swamp cooler.” In a small batch, you have lots of options. Cooler with ice water works, a spare dorm fridge hacked to the right temp, or a damp t-shirt with a fan. Essentially, yeast working heats things up. If you can keep the works cooler, you’ll end up with more predictable yeast, and less explosive fermentations.


One of my first beers was a brown ale that smelled like a wet dog when I went to bottle it. I almost dumped it but after reading a few comments reconsidered. It turned out to be great without a hint of that bad smell after bottle conditioning. I think we often worry too much.

Search for different kinds of yeast. That can handle the temp in florida. Me do live on a tropical island. Did search till i did find. A yeast. For my climate. Its. Kveik yeast. Or use a swampcooler. I would not toss out your brew yet. Take a grav reading. And a taste sample. Before you to decide to toss it down the drain

One thing to keep in mind is 1gal in a 1gal fermenter is going to result in blowoff. Blowoff = lost beer.

I understand 1gal batches, but then again I don’t. For experimenting I understand, for regular batches it’s a helluva lot of work for 8-9 bottles.

If you remain hellbent on making 1gal batches do yourself, and your beer, a favor and grab a 2gal bucket. This will provide plenty of headspace for yeast. Our host sells them or you can often get them from bakeries around the area.


5 qt? :+1: :slight_smile: ? 5 gal :+1:? Either way, remember to “A) Keep it simple, B) Keep it fun, and C) Keep it coming!”

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