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Lost Carbonation?

Hi everyone,

First batch in a keg and I’ve hit a few snags… I left the pressure too high between serving, bled the tank dry, and had to replace it about 10 days after starting. After that, I had about a month where I didn’t take any pulls off of the keg (weight loss plan). Now that I’m down a few lbs and back on the wagon, I went to pour a pint and found that the carbonation was all but completely gone; nearly completely flat beer. Is this normal, or a sign of a leak in the tank somewhere? Anything I can do in the future to avoid this?


Leak. Spray down all connections with a soap water solution and look for bubbles.

Yeah you wouldn’t have blown through 5lbs of CO2. You have a leak and as hades said, spray EVERYTHING.
Now with that said… when you get your leak fixed set your regulator for the correct PSI and LEAVE IT THERE. The regulator will keep the correct pressure on the beer as the head space increases (from drinking). If you turn down the regulator less CO2 fills the headspace and the beer loses carbonation as it equalizes.


I’ll get started there. Thanks everyone!

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