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Lost beer found

I just found a bottle of saison that i had corked and forgot about, its about a year and 2 months old approx. This is quite possibly the best beer i have made, its amazing what a difference aging makes. its very crisp and dry and smells amazing. i love this hobby!

Good for you man!
I recently found a 1.5L corked bottle of saison that is about the same age. Now I’m encouraged to open it :slight_smile:

Funny coincidence - I was clearing out a few bottles of braggot when I discovered that one had a piece of masking tape with “Saison 3/10” written on it and I recalled slipping a stray bottle of Saison in the six-pack holder with the braggot over a year ago. It was pretty tasty - hops had almost disappeared and the malt had moved forward and even though the FG was in the single digits it was a bit “sweet” up front, then dry and crisp going over the tongue. Wish I had put aside a couple more bottles of this one!

I stash beers in some of the weirdest places, seems to keep me out of them. Always fun finding them later.

Potentially dumb question:
Assuming these gems are collecting dust on a shelf somewhere, aren’t they losing their carbonation?

it was carbed perfectly, truly a magical experience, it was in a 1.5l corked bottle as well

[quote]Assuming these gems are collecting dust on a shelf somewhere, aren’t they losing their carbonation?[/quote] It’s a closed container, the carbonation will be preserved. There was a story of some beer that was on a sunken ship from the 1800’s (?). Still carbonated!

Wonder if it was any good…

I am quite sure it was not oxidized :smiley:

I have read about beer yeast from that sunken ship also. I think it was in the English channel and they now brew Flag Porter with the reclaimed yeast. Here is a link to the story:

Thanks - that was fun to read! Made me thristy, though…

In re: to carbonation - the Belgian beers I have made appear to be lowly-carbonated during the first month or two, then they get better for some reason. I have some year-old Saison that is carbonated nicely, sort of dry. This same beer I sent into a contest after it was in the bottle for almost 2 months and they said it was sweet and lowly-carbonated. It’s just over a year old now, and I have 3 bottles left. It totally got better with age (8.3% ABV). I’ve got 2 cases of a 9.5% Tripel that is about 2 months old. I’ve had 3 of those, and I’m not happy with them…yet. A case has been hidden, though. Next July, those should be GREAT.

Low-level infection perhaps? :wink:

Seriously though - if it’s taking months for you to get the right level of carbonation, you might consider adding just a little fresh yeast to the beer at bottling time.

Yeah, I’ve thought that might be the deal. But it’s usually after 4 weeks in the fermenter, so you know, there should be enough sugar. I think it’s more of a fear of putting too much sugar in. When I see the amount they ask, I think, “That sure seems like a lot more sugar than other beers.”

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