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Lost 5 1/2 gallons of liquid from 13 gallon start

I started with two Northern Two Hearted clone packages and added two quarts of malt extract and water to bring it up to 13 gallons total. 1 gallon lost to evaporation, 1 quart left in boil pot, 1 quart lost with grain, 1 quart lost in pump and tube, 2 quarts lost in yeast draining, 2 quarts lost in conical bottom, 1 quart lost in pump and tube. total loss 2 gallons say 3, which should produce 10 gallons of beer. I filled kegs and had one full, and one half full. Where did two and a half gallons go. Beer was very, very heavy, high alcohol.

How many gallons made it to primary, how many made it to secondary?

I am using a conical fermenter and draining the yeast, so it stays in the fermenter for all of the fermentation

I lose a good deal more than a gallon during a five gallon boil. I’m thinking maybe you lost a bit more volume at each step than you are aware of. Since you mention that your gravity is high, I’m thinking you boiled off a lot more than one gallon, maybe two or three gallons. Three gallons would just about account for the missing two or so gallons.

I wat he’d the level of the boil pot and am pretty sure that I lost a gallon and not much more.

You are probably right about the loss being in the boiled ing , because of the high gravity. If it was lost elsewhere the gravity would not be so high.

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