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Looking to get started in kegging

So, I’m on my 20th or so batch in the 8ish months I’ve been brewing extract. I’m looking to cut out the worst part of brewing, the bottling. I’m thinking of getting a keg system from NB but I’m torn on which system I should get: the Draft Brewer Single Keg System or go for the Draft Brewer Dual Keg System w/ Double Body CO2 Regulator. I think I like the idea of having the ability to have 2 kegs at different volumes, but I don’t know useful it will be.

I’m very limited by space and my plan is to put a regular fridge in the spare room with a keg or two and a co2 tank inside. I’ll probably just use the picnic taps until I move in a year or so and can arrange something more long term. Is there anything that I should be concerned about with this plan?

I’m guessing I should just go for the 10lb co2 tank?

The difference is only about 100 bucks between the two systems, which is significant, but it’s an investment right? :wink:

Thanks for your input

If you want to go “on the cheap” there are other sources for the equipment. Search Craigslist for draft system, kegorator and stuff and you may find some used nearby. All of my first draft system (commercial keg) was used and worked fine. Same goes for corny kegs. If you can find deals on them just replace the rubber parts and give it a good cleaning. Remember the outside does not have to look good.

I see regulators on Ebay for about $15 sometimes just to give you an idea.

The systems from NB look like they are great and yes it is an investment so if you want to go new I’m sure you will be happy with one. I would suggest always going for two kegs even with a single keg system. After the first one starts getting low with the amount you are brewing you will be more than ready to fill another.

Tank wise, check with a local CO2 dealer. If you own the tank every five years it will have to be tested, at your expense. The dealer may loan you their tank, with a deposit that you can simply exchange for a full one and not wait for a fill or pay to have it tested. A couple I have used don’t even care if it is their tank and will exchange it.

Great advice above. I will add that if you can get a bigger CO2 tank to do it. It only costs me a few dollars more to have my 10lb tank filled over my 5lb tank ( about $12 for 5 or $15 for 10).

In my experience, two different CO2 volumes are not necessary. I serve 5-6 beers on tap and run all at 10 psi and 40F. I have dual regulators but do not use them.

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