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Looking To Expand My Brewery

I recently started brewing with a simple, 1 gallon starter kit from Northern Brewer. As everyone here knows, it was addictive immediately, and I now would like to expand. I’m looking into upgrading to the Deluxe Starter Kit from NB, and I was wondering if any of you have had any experience with it. If so, is it worth it? A couple other questions: What is your personal opinion of secondary fermentation…is it worthwhile? Glass carboys vs. Better bottles vs. plastic buckets? Finally, is there somewhere else with better deals? I’ve had a wonderful experience with NB but am open to looking other places. ... r-kit.html

I think secondaries are useful in a couple of situations-lagering, bulk aging big beers like barley wines, and adding fruit or oak chips. For most types of ales, you don’t need it. I use buckets for primary and better bottles when I secondary after breaking a couple of glass carboys over the years.

It is all personal preference. I only secondary for dry hopping, bulk aging, etc. most beers I won’t secondary. As for vessels, I prefer buckets and better bottles for secondary. I’ve heard enough horror stories about glass to avoid it. NB has good equipment. The kit you’re looking at will be a good start. You could maybe find cheaper elsewhere. Different websites have various prices and shipping costs. The kits usually have different components so be sure to compare apples to apples.

For the best price you will need to look around.

NB, Midwest, Williams Brewing, Morebeer, Austin Homebrew and a couple I’ve missed are the major players online. Prices and shipping can/will very. So open multiple browser and see who has the best deal.

Pails are inexpensive and fine for fermenting in. Get a couple and you can have multiple beers going at different stages.

Get a hydrometer and test jar and thief to take gravity readings. Maybe a 2nd hydrometer. That will guarantee you don’t break one. :wink:

Secondary, many debates on that. Do a search and read what people have said. Do one and don’t do one and see what works for you. I have no problem leaving a beer in a pail for 6-8 weeks.

Does anyone have any experience with Williams Brewing? I’ve been eyeing this kit: ... P3171.aspx

I feel your vibes!!Brewing is great fun and I think the beers are really good!I cannot say enough about Nothern Brewers, I really like them.
That said,being a rather new brewer myself, I really started thinking about getting more sophisticated brewing equipment, before I came to my senses. Does one need a $ 600.00 stainless steel conical fermenter to make great beer? I think not. I bought the essential kit and I liked it so much all I have added to it is a 12 inch thermometer and a second 6 gal brew bucket (to start another batch of beer). As far as I can see why bother with secondary fermentation…What… move perfectly good beer from one container to another how the hell will that help your beer?
IMO the fun is being resourceful and frugal in your endeavors, I realize some may disagree and thats fine, but my beers are dam good and brewed in my closet in a plastic bucket. Try thinking backwards and see your self as a survivor rather than a dumb consumer and just buy stuff more than likely made in China, that will not last and you just throw it away
(F@*k China) . Oh by the way I have been using screw top bottles and have had great success re using screw caps!! PBR are my favorites !
Well… I guess its is a personal call. My advise (K.I.S.S), I would rather have money to put gas in my Sea Ray. I mean ask your self why do you enjoy it, after all you can go to the “store and buy the stuff” for crying out loud.

Williams Brewing is a quality shop.

I would call and see if you can change the wing capper to a bench capper[/url] and the [url=]larger cup
if you think you might use European bottles in the future.

The 32qt/8g pot is a good size for 5 gallon batches where you start with 6-7 gallons of wort. Though you may not be able to boil that much on your stove top. You can still use the pot with only 3-4 gallons in it.

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