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Looking for input from homebrewers

Hello everyone! My friend and I are working on a project to assist beer-brewing hobbyists with the support of the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps and Cal State University Northridge’s Summer Accelerator program.

We are looking to ask beer homebrewers a few questions in order to refine our project so it can better relieve the issues they face during the process. If you are a homebrewer and are willing to be interviewed for a short period regarding your brewing experiences, please email us at

Thank you for your consideration!

cool. I wish you could tell us more info

We do not have anything concrete yet for the project, but we’re hoping to interview people and identify the common types of problems they face while brewing and the beer brew attributes they keep track of, or would like to keep track of. This information would help us base our project around these important points.

The pitfalls are universal, Temperature control, oxygen control, CO2 control, and water profile. Your project is a perfect Summer Accelerator program project because you can drink the results at the end of the summer. The reason you may not get many responses is well… it’s summer, we already figured out our methods, we group think already. The answer is Kviek. :yum:


I would add, there are rocket scientist forums out there that look so deep into the molecules of brewing… well, its not a part of the picture here… Keeping things in context about basic brewing, problems, and good company… You’ll have a home should you care to engage all that are here… Sneezles61

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Thank you very much for your insight! We believe speaking to individual brewers and listening to their first-hand accounts will help in discovering other issues that our project can potentially remedy. Our project would help build upon the methods people currently use rather than replace them.

Are you looking to develop or reconfigure a tool for marketing?

We are currently looking to develop a tool as part of the project, though it is still in the design stages.

I’d be up to talk to you if you can wait a week. PM me if you’re interested.

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There you go! ^^^^The modern day Beer man!^^^^ Sneezles61

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