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Looking for English cider recipe

I was hoping to have a lead on a cider recipe that uses both raisins and cinnamon sticks in the primary or secondary. I am uncertain on the adding of sugars or honey and at what point in the process. I have purchased WL English Cider yeast for fermentation. Any help would be appreciated.


Boost your SG with honey and try to keep it under 1.060. If you are going to use raisins, I wouldn’t use more than 1/2lb per 5gal. The amount of cinnamon to be used is going to depend on the quality of the cinnamon. Keep the fermentation temp as close to the lower range of your yeast as possible.

Is everything done in a primary or is it racked to the secondary where the flavors are added like in beer?

Appologies for the delay, I’ve been working 58hr weeks.

Honey in the primary and cinnamon in the secondary.

No worries. I appreciate the information. Raisins in the primary or secondary? Also, approximately how long for each. I had a RIS that was kept in the primary for one month and then transferred to the secondary for 5 months. Can I expect similar times for the cider?

Raisins in primary, don’t forget to use pectic enzyme. I rack mine when SG has reached 1.025-1.020.

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