Looking for alternative yeast for Irish Red Ale

I just ordered NB’s Irish Red Ale AG kit but did not order the Nottingham yeast due to what I have read on this list by many of you not liking the tart taste this yeast creates. I’m looking for an alternative yeast, preferably dry. I was wondering about Danstar Windsor. Sounds like if I keep the fermentation temperature in the low 60’s, it’ll produce just a slight ester which I don’t mind. Wouldn’t want a strong ester flavor though. Sounds like the FG would be higher, so attenuation isn’t as high which hopefully means a fuller bodied beer. I could just go with US-05 and finish it clean, but I have only used 6 different strains of yeast in my 2.5 years of brewing and would certainly like to experiment with strains I have yet to use. Seems like the Irish ale yeast strains have a sharp or dry finish to the beer. I’d rather have a fuller bodied feel to this malty beer. Also, this kit calls for hop additions at 60 and 30 minutes with only 3/4 oz each. Anyone throw the leftover 1/4 oz of each at 5 minutes or FO for some aroma? Thanks.

I personally don’t have any problems with notty. And I’m still working on getting to know the characteristics imparted by the different strains, so I’m not the expert in this department. But that said, I’ve made my red with Notty, 1728, 1945, and 1084. I’ve never been disappointed, but I’m also pretty easy to please… All those strains CLAIM to be good into the 70’s, but I think they stay cleaner fermenting in the lower 60’s.

Thanks for the response. 1945 sounds interesting. I was also wondering about Denny’s Favorite (1450) which I have not yet tried. The mouthfeel and accentuated malt might work out really nice with this malty beer. Have you tried it?

I’ve used 1084 for a number of different brews, and I have always liked it. That’s what I would use. But try others if you wish, that’s the fun of brewing your own.


For liquid yeasts, WY1084 and WY 1450 have both been good for me.
Dry, I’ve liked S-04 and US-05. The one time I used Notty fermented in the mid 60’s, I didn’t like the estery off-flavors.

I prefer Notty for my Irish Ale. I’ve been trying to get close to a Smithwyck’s recipe for a while and Notty seems to get me the closest. I’ve also used 1084 and west yorkshire. West Yorkshire is too fruity. 1084 is ok but notty is cleaner.

When I did my own recipe Irish Red Ale, I used White Labs YP004 Irish Ale Yeast. I really liked how it turned out and so far everyone I’ve shared it with had a lot of good things to say about it.

I did make the mistake of trying to use that yeast for an American Amber Ale recipe I created but despite the different grain bill and hop usage, the yeast made it taste kind of like a slightly weaker Irish Red Ale. I’ll have to try something cleaner on the next batch of Amber. Leaning towards Wyeast 1450, Denny’s favorite 50, but still haven’t decided.