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Looking for a Molson Canadian Lager clone recipe

Could anyone suggest an all grain Molson Canadian Lager clone recipe? Many thanks to anyone who responds to this posting.

I haven’t had it in awhile but I would try a straight up lager using cluster hops and Canadian 2row or maybe 6row. I don’t remember it being very bitter so I’d keep it around 30 ibu

As a Canadian, I can’t imagine brewing that beer–it’s pretty ubiquitous here.

I’ve seen it brewed at the Molson Capilano facility, an amazing and huge brewery. It uses lots and lots of rice and corn, something like 60% of the grist. They have a huge cereal cooker, pre-gelatinize it, and pump it into the mash, and then into a mash filter to squeeze out all the liquid. The hops are all high-alpha and less than 15 IBU’s.

I think a distinct component of the flavour is the fermentation at high gravity (1.090+) and then watering back at bottling. More fusels and esters and such. They pitch at a huge rate, and fermentation is generally done in less than a week. Crash, centrifuge, water back, carbonate and bottle.

Hope that helps.

I always preferred molsen export. It was better north of the border. But that was back in the seventies before they sold out.

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