Looking for a Liar

So today I was brewing one of my favorites, Double Sunshine. The day was perfect and even after 250 batches it still feels good to hit everything right on.Then I did it… , placed the sensor for my ranco into the wrong hole and right into the wort. Now believe it or not it did not damage the sensor or wire, but I can only imagine the yeast, bugs or funk that must have been on the sensor. Now here is where I want you to lie to me. Please post that you did the same thing and everything came out fine and it turned out to be the best brew you ever made.

You will need to wait it out.

I know that my wort isn’t sterile; it has some uninvited microbes in it. I also know that because I pitch LOTS of yeast cells and create the environment yeast like, the yeast will out-compete the nasty stuff (at least so far it has).

Pitch plenty of yeast cells, keep the fermenter toward the cool end of the temp range the yeast like, and have a homebrew.

No Smiley for a straight face, sorry.

Funny how things happen. I would not worry about it if the brew was a Belgian, but it happened to be an IPA where I don’t need any funk.

How long after your incident did you pitch the yeast? Did you go big with your pitch?

I’m a believer that pitching big will cure a lot of problems. You may well be all right.

It’s ironic that this brew was my first time using Giga Yeast, Nor Cal which supposedly contains 200 billion cells.Yeast was already pitched when I inserted the sensor into the wort. Fermentation continued well over a week, but so far I do not detect any funky taste from hydrometer samples. OG was 1076 and as of yesterday seems to be complete at 1012. I went ahead with the dry hop and will keep my fingers crossed.

Time will tell, but I bet you’re good. Please report back.

The nice thing about an IPA is that the hops will inhibit many of the spoilage microbes that could take hold in your beer. With the high IBU plus the large sacch pitch, I bet you’ll be fine.

I once dropped one of my kids’ toy cars into a batch of wort. Turned out ok… I think.