Looking for a Indeed brewing "day tripper" recepie

Hello, This is my favorite beer. Im wondering if anyone has tried to clone this beer. Ive tried to fish some info from the brewers but they just smile and look away.

Try searching the web for “indeed day tripper beer recipe clone” and see what you find. There are a couple out here.

I have done several searches and really haven’t come up with anything. I’ve tried going to the Home Brew Talk forum and stuff as well so if you have one that you found that you feel is a good representation I would be very interested thank you so much

I’ve never had the beer so I couldn’t say but here’s a link or two:



Actually they tell you right on their website.

thank you dannyboy58. Ive actually looked at both of those and didnt feel that they had hit the mark. Maybe im being too judgmental. I might just have to try to take a combination of these and my own intuition and see what I come up with. I have a suspicion though that the the missing link is found in the water build that Indeed does as there is a signature taste that is subtle yet present in many of their beers.

Could very well bo the water but a good pale ale profile from brunwater should get you in the ball park. I’m dialing back the sulfates in my IPA profile with each successive batch. I want to soften up the bitterness and body a bit.

I’d probably start with the information on the Indeed website. They give you pretty much everything you need to know with the exception of percentages of grain and timing/amount of hops.

Their grist bill isn’t much different from what I normally use. They add wheat and dextrin for body/head I guess.

For a pale ale I’d bitter to about 20IBU with a good clean high AA hops then use the rest for late flavor/aroma additions. May take a few tries to get it where you want but you’ll make good beer each time.

I’m working on a FW Union Jack clone right now. Just kegged the first batch and it smells amazing. I doubt it will be exactly what I want but should be fun trying to get it there.

thanks again, this all makes sense. I am still doing extract as I decided to invest in a keg setup rather than all grain this year. I can add some wheat dme and the specialty grains to adjust…hmmm got me thinking now. thanks again

Small BIAB batches? All you’d need is a bag-about $5

Just a thought



that is a thought, maybe ill give it a go

Looks like NB just came out with a kit for this: Indeed Day Tripper Pale Ale Pro-Series Extract Kit ( http://www.northernbrewer.com/indeed-day-tripper-pale-ale-pro-series-extract-kit ).

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