Looking for a Downtown Brown extract clone

Brewing a batch for my friend who is gluten intolerant and planning on using the White Labs Clarity Ferm for the first time. She requested a Downtown Brown clone since it’s the beer she misses most. (Side note: doesn’t have ciliacs and it’s not just in her head).

I’ve found a few clones by searching google but haven’t found any reviews on them beyond “pretty good…pretty close…etc”. So I’m hoping that the NB crowd could help me out.

Thanks in advance!


I have used the Clarity Ferm several times. My wife is intolerant ( non celiac ). Found information that lends toward wheat having 7 to 9 times the gluten protein than barley. As long as I stay with grain bills with no wheat, she can drink it with no reactions (very mild reaction with a wheat beer). Reports out there that Omission & Estrella Damm Daura ( probably others) use this enzyme technology.

Sounds pretty consistent with what I’ve read and heard from other Brewers. Honestly I’m not overly concerned because if she can’t drink it, I know I will. It’ll be nice if she can, but since the cost to find out is so low it’s not an issue for me to give it a try. Just hoping someone can point me to a good Downtown Brown recipe…or something similar!!!

Thanks for the help!!! Cheers!!!