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Long Primary Fermentation

Hey guys, my blow-off hose is bubbling every 30 seconds or so and my oatmeal stout has been in primary for about 17days now. My blow-off was out of the sanitizer jar for several hours one day accidentally. Do think my beer is contaminated? Should I cold crash to drop out the yeast? Took a gravity reading(ok) and it tastes pretty good…any suggestions? O.G. was 1.052 and my reading at 14 days was 1.022.

I would doubt that your beer is contaminated. bacteria and the like don’t fall up, and there is positive pressure from the CO2 pushing them back out the tube if they do happen to get into it. As for whether it is done, check your gravity again and if it matches your last reading, it’s done. If it isn’t done, let it sit. 4 weeks in primary isn’t going to hurt anything…

I second that you have no infection problem. Don’t cold crash it yet! It should end up lower than 1.022. You might want to swirl the beer a bit to rouse the yeast and maybe let it warm up a few degrees. Let the beer go another week and check the gravity again. Then 3-4 weeks in primary then package it.

I had the temp of the beer up around 68-70 degrees for 4 days now. Thanks for the info. I’ll check the gravity at the 3 week mark. I forgot that NeoBritannia yeast can sometimes take a little while…

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