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London Ale III fermenation temperature

I like the results of this yeast but it’s a slow worker. First time I used it I fermented at 68-70F and it was explosive. So now I do 64-66F week-10 and then warm it up which is where I am now. What do you all do when using this yeast

I start at @62* and warm up after a few days. I’ve used it a grand total of 4 times…so…

Of note at 66* initial fermentation temp he had to go to blow off tubes due to vigorous fermentation.

I’m at 64.5°-65.5° that’s where I did it last time no blowoff this time but close.

It seems odd to hear of not much for a blow tube… I’m totally opposite…

It’s definitely lazy at cooler temps then explosive when warmer. No middle ground I ever found with it.

It was as steady for sure. It went to .011 which was lower the the average posted on the website but I always seem to go lower than predicted. I have to look but I think it predicted .014-16

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