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Loging Fermentation in brew log note pad

Hello is the moment you pitch the yeast is that when you write in your brew log as day 1 of fermentation. Or would one wait for the first signs of fermentation to log that as day 1 of fermentation. Just a little confused

The day I pitch the yeast is recorded as day 0. The next day, day 1, is the first full day of fermentation. Doesn’t make too much difference though. I don’t plan to have the fermentation finished in a certain number of days. The fermentation is done when the SG is stable and the beer has cleared in the primary.

I mainly track by the day to record the temperature of the fermenting beer. I record the temperature a couple times a day for the first three or four days, then just once a day when visible signs of active fermentation has ended.

It’s up to you how you keep notes. But day one for me is when I pitch. This is the most important day . Type and amount of yeast, temperature and lag time. That’s what you want to keep a good record of.

Your not waiting for the first sigins of fermentation after day 0 to start recording?

I look at this just like being born, you weren’t born on day one, but after 24 hours… Yup one day old. Our football started in 1961 and claim they are 56, I was born in 1961 and am held to being 55… What sand box do you play in? Sneezles61

If I pitch at 5pm on Saturday then 24 hrs later (Sunday @ 5pm) It’s 1 day since pitching.

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Me keep log. As soon as i start creating the yeast starter. But most important. Check and make notes about. Og. And final. Fg. As well. Taste. And final product. Even what kind of music. I played during the brew session

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Beersmith2 is my brew log. I create my recipes there so all the batch specific data is there. I record starter info, mash pH and Brunwater profile info, fermentation and packaging info, tasting notes and anything else in the notes section of BS2 until the keg is empty or in a very few unpleasant cases, dumped down the drain.

As to the dating of a batch I follow the same philosophy as @flars. Once you pitch the yeast fermentation has begun whether you see signs of it not. So your timing should begin from the time you pitch. 24 hours later the first day of fermentation is complete whether you’ve seen signs or not. Yeast aren’t there to put on a show for you. They’re getting the important work done.

edit: added mash info.

I should add that the front of my recipe sheet is all about the yeast used. Harvested or new. Harvest date or new package date. Starter pitch rate and volume yeast pitched into the starter wort. Time on stir plate or time as shaken not stirred. Amount to harvest from the starter and how much to pitch into the fermentor.

The back of the recipe sheet is brew day to bottling day and tasting notes up until the beer is gone if necessary.

Always write down the date and time of each step. You will never remember the dates. Ever look into the frig and ask yourself, “Which yeast is that in the flask?”

Yes I have. The old mystery yeast. Have I pitched it ? Hell yeah. Just pitch low 60s Incase it’s a lager yeast.

Most definitely a risk taker. I’m so darn careful it takes an extra week to start a new ferment.

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Yea I might pitch a mystery yeast but only if I knew the date it was harvested.

And then what it was harvested from according to your brew log notes.

I’ll pitch it to a pale ale. Nothing ventured nothing gained. What’s the worst can happen? I always give it the sniff test.

I don’t know about all this mystery stuff. I just dumped 10gal of APA after 2 weeks. The beer just tasted nasty and I attribute it to bad yeast. Not sure what happened but it tasted bad and it wasn’t worth hitting it with a dry hop so down the drain it went.

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^^^ Brothers and Sisters of brew, lets gather around and bow our heads in sorrow for the loss of a 10 gallon batch…. Any last words? As you were then… Loopie, may you be able to brew with peace again, Sneezles61

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You must have mistreated your yeast for them to rebel like that.

I guess! They must have been angry about something… live and learn I guess.

@sneezles61 thanks for the condolences. I’ll move forward, I think.

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