LME Storage

If I buy a jug of LME and only use half, how long will the leftovers stay fresh? Under what conditions (room temp, fridge) should I store it?


Disregard – I found my answer in the FAQs. :oops:

Use cheap vodka, kept cold It’s easy to decant the vodka off if you choose to do so. Also if you have C02 you can purge the jug. Cheers and welcome to the forum.

I hope your user name is a reference to NOFX.

Why " Hope"

Sorry to disappoint, but it’s no reference to that guy.

Wallybeer – will vanilla vodka be OK?

Vanilla vodka will work but I’m not sure how much vanilla taste would get in the LME.
If that’s not a problem for you then go for it.
I buy cheap Kamchatka vodka for my airlocks. 200ml bottle costs $1.99 in my area, it may be cheaper in your area. That would be plenty enough to cover your LME.