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Line length?

Hello I am wondering what is the right length of tubing one should use for there brewing pump? See the reason I am asking is I use 9ft of tubing for my pump I don’t know if I should make my a little shorter like 5 to 6ft or leave it at 9ft?

Pumps generally care more about height than they do length.


Got mine 7 foot long. But indeed the pumps work beter when they dont have to push the liqued to far up

And how much do you really need? Think about cleaning/replacing that hose down the line… I have mine mounted just below and off to the side of my kettle… the only long hose, is the one I can put into my baskets… its about 3’… And cam lock clamps through out… Sneezles61

It should be as long as you need with enough slack that your not impeding flow through the tubing by kinking it.

My challenge with my riptide pump is trying to figure out the heat loss when trying to continuous sparge from my cooler holding the sparge water. Of course it may be one more thing I worry too much about. I end up leaving the pump out of the sparge and just Keep adding water to maintain an inch or so above the grain bed. I had visions of this perfectly flowing system but have some dialing in to do. My lines may be too long and they lay on the cement floor. Sooner or later I will dial it it but for now its not that much trouble to take a pitcher of sparge water and pour it in the mash tun every 10 minutes or so.

@tominboston I assume your fly sparging? As long as your pH is correct you can sparge with warmer water to keep the grain bed temp up.

Yes fly sparring. I just need to experiment with how hot the water needs to be in the HLT to end up at an acceptable temp through the sparge arm. I have been too lazy to experiment with it.

Ah hah, the dreaded lazy brewer syndrome… What if you put in the strike water, couple of gallons, then start recirc, that’ll warm all your stuff up. Once you can tell your in the upper 150’s range, mash in… Then you wouldn’t be as likely to cool down too much… Sneezles61

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