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Line length

I just installed a Perlick faucet and need to know how to determine the line length, I have 6 ft now.
thank you. I am finally back to brewing after a year due to health problems.

try the 6 foot length you have to see if it works for you. got my lengths by trial and error. I bought 10 foot of tubing and just shortened it 6 inches at a time till I got the pour I liked.

It’s going to depend on the temp of the fridge and the pressure going into the keg.

Nighthawk, the temp in the fridge is less than 40 deg. and the regulator is set for 10 lbs. thank ypou

Below 40F and 10 psi will need the entire 10 feet to pour decent based upon my experience.

And why these taps are made with short lines is another pet peeve. Normally it is going to be to short and cause headaches for people. Put 10-11ft on them and allow us to cut them back if needed.


I run 5 ft lines and around 8 psi to serve with no issues.

[quote=“nate4g63”]I run 5 ft lines and around 8 psi to serve with no issues.[/quote]I think the OP would like a balanced system so he doesn’t have to fiddle witht he regulator all the time. 8 psi sounds a bit low to keep the right volumes of CO2 into the beer although it does make for a good pour at 5’ of 3/16"ID lines.

I totally agree. Although I rarely have to adjust other than when I’m force carbing. I did just double check my psi I’m right around 10 on all 3 lines and everyone is pouring happy!

We have the line length and PSI. Now we need your temp.

Three things make up a balanced kegging system. Temp, line length and PSI. Making a post with out including all three does a disservice to the readers.

My system is running at 36 deg., 10 psi and using 5 ft. lines. I’m happy with my pours.

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