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Life of Wyeast Smack Packs

I have a pack of Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan Wheat that I smacked last Friday in hopes to brew Saturday. Plans fell through so I stuck it back in the fridge after about 36 hours. Tuesday I thought I would brew and took it out in the AM. It deflated slightly in the fridge and inflated again. Plans again were shot to hell and I threw it back in the fridge after about 8 hours. I am hoping to get this done Saturday or Sunday of this week now.

Since it has been in and out of a fridge a few times, will it have any effect on the yeast?

It will have an effect, but not much - temperature cycles aren’t great for the yeast, but as long as the temp doesn’t get too high or low it should be fine. A swollen pack is just a viability check.

Just in case you don’t know, you should be making a starter (or pitching multiple packs) for any 5+ gal batch.

I once got a 9 month old smacked pack for free from LHBS. Took it home, made a small starter, after 2 days stepped that starter up to 1L and pitched. Had zero problems with ferm starting/attenuating. Always make a starter with an old pack IMO

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