Licorice Stout recipe needed

I’ve been researching this a bit, and the discussions online seem mostly focused on how much root or stick to add and when. Does anybody have a stout recipe that would go well with licorice? Sounds like some have gone with a sweet stout and omitting the lactose due to the sweetness of the licorice. I was wondering if anybody has tried a drier stout with the licorice? Thanks.

Extract or AG? I brewed an AG licorice porter 2 years ago. I’ll see if I can dig it up. I threw the whole stick that NB used to sell but can’t seem to find it anymore at the start of the boil.

10 lb 2 row
0.5 lb black patent
0.5 lb chocolate malt
1 lb flaked barley

1.5 oz Pele (60 min)
1 licorice stick (the black looking kind not the shaved root)
Muntons ale yeast (was being cheap, substitute if needed)

Mashed with 13 qts at 153* for 60 minutes
Mashed out 1 gal boiling water 10 minutes
Sparged w/~24 qts water at 170*

OG - 1.058
FG - 1.014

Ferment to completion. Rack to secondary for 1-2 weeks

An approximation for extract would be about 6lbs light dme and then steep the other grains.

This beer came out with such a good flavor that two of my partners didn’t even want to try something with licorice but they ended up loving it.

I used the root one time. As a warning, only batch I ever dumped out.

Thank you for the recipe. I was planning on going AG. I assume the actual root was way too strong?

It ended up…weird is the only way I can describe it. A weird woody kinda taste and a bit harsh.

There is a chance the yeast I was using was bad. It was a white labs vial (forget which one) that sort of looked clumpy and almost like cottage cheese. I was new to brewing and just assumed it was the high floc tendencies of the strain.

The root may end up being to your liking but it wasn’t for. Me personally, I love black licorice and using the black shiny stick vs the root got me to where I was going.

Thank you. I believe I saw the sticks on Amazon.

I know they are around. I think I just saw them on the adventures in homebrewing site. NB used to carry them but haven’t seen them in awhile