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Length of line?

Hello what length liquid keg line should one buy I just purchased 21 feet of 3/16 keg line I know that sounds over kill but I was looking up keg line calculator’s online an for me to serve highly carbonated beer’s like Belgian,German wheat beer’s at 38f an at least 3.5vol of co2 the keg line calculator’s are telling me to use between 19ft to 20ft so I went with 21feet to play it safe…

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I serve my saison at around 3.0 volumes of co2 using 8 feet of 3/16 ID tubing set at 16 psi and the keezer is at 40 degrees. Perfect pours.

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Yes I also have 10ft of 3/16ID Beer line that I was trying to serve a Berliner at 16psi at 38f an all I got was foam in my pours

What are you serving it out of? A tower? Two things that cause CO2 to come out of solution and create foam

  1. temps raising in tubing
  2. turbulence (maybe a kink in the line or dirty tubing)

My keg is in my refrigerator an I pour from one of those plastic picnic tap.

Yeh that seems really strange. Are you positive its 3/16? I tried 1/4 inch last week for the first time and it was all foam. Switched back after the first pour.

No it is 3/16ID keg liquid line

Did you force carbonate the keg at all?

Yes I did I burst carbonated it at 30psi for 24hrs an then down to serving psi for a day or two see I keg 3.00gal in a 5gal ball-lock keg…

I’m not an expert in this field by any means but that could be your problem. I might try disconnecting the co2 and venting the keg for a day or 2 and then reconnecting it after that at your serving pressure. Lots of info out there on how to decompress over carbonated beer in a keg but it seems like that’s what you are dealing with.

Me had a stout could not get it right. Did vent my brew back into kegurator. Still foam. So disconected hose. Replace the beerline. Hose. And weird. Normal nice carbonated. Brew.

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I’ll post this again. Very useful for determining line length for your system.

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I have about 2’ of 3/16" hose from my keg to my tapper… I do like to pour a brew with a foamy head… To me, that’s such a perfectly eye catching brew… If it’s too much… Turn the regulator down to zero, pour off a few until it doesn’t run… Then apply a little pressure at a time until you reach your desired looking brew… Length hasn’t any thing to do with it… Unless you what to just spend money… Sneezles61

I’ve never heard of anyone putting that much liquid line on a picnic tap. If you’re getting foam from a picnic tap then my guess is you’re overcarbonated.

@dannyboy58 I thought the same thing. 21’ is a lot of tubing. That’s why I thought temp and turbulence. It must be over carbonated.

One thing i did order should be in miami now. A inline regulator. So can adjust the flow of co2. On one of my beer faucit. Tap point. Now all my tap point run at the same co2 pressure. Wanna use it for. The stout beers


Yea I have about 9 feet on my perlicks and I could probably shorten it to speed up the pour but it’s working fine.

Only other thought I have is there could be something inside your line causing turbulence. A little beer stone in the line or the actual picnic tap. Maybe run some cleaner through and see if that helps.


I used to use 10 foot lines but recently reduced them to 8. Pour seems nearly identical except a bit faster now. I like it!

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